AWE Aims

  • AWE is arts for wellbeing & education

  • Promote the uplifting sound of the harp and stimulate harp playing in classes, tutorials or online 

  • Create community spirit, awareness and wellbeing through a broad range of creative arts activities which are appropriate to the particular group.

It is a collaboration between Hands on Harps , Storymagic, and members of Gloucestershire Print Co-op and other artists and professionals, as required.

It offers harp playing, storytelling and printmaking to community groups to both develop interest in these skills and stimulate community wellbeing.

Storytelling brings great sharing  and compassion into community and educational groups, using personal stories and traditional tales.

The beautiful sound of the harp is legendary.  Many people long to try out playing the harp.   Hands on Harps has made affordable 27 string small harps which makes classes of harpers possible.  Harps are for hire and sale.

Printmaking has a broad application from small pictures to large projects which express feelings and ideas in shapes, colour, and texture with the satisfaction of making making it yourself.


AWE is a Community Interest company regulated by OFCOM and welcomes donations to support its work.

Arts for Wellbeing and Education  CIC number 13841390

sort code: 089299            Account no: 67251669

Each donation is eligible for a free oak tree sapling in the tree planting season (November-March). Please enquire at:


  • Happy Harping
  • Adult class with Morwenna
  • Heart-Harp